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A short pause…

At Kanga Paws we sometimes move so fast that we find it difficult to pause, review what has happened, evaluate where we are and query whether the direction we’re taking is right? After 20 years in costume production Catherine, our MD and driving force felt it was time to step back, bring us back together and do all of this.


Subsequently, over the past few months, Kanga Paws has undergone some massive investment, R&D and training. We decided to push back the launch of our site to focus energies in preparing the business and our staff in a way that ultimately, allows us to improve service delivery.

From designing a range of accessories, developing model making skills to investing in new technology everything we’ve done over the past six months has improved our expertise, invigorated our staff and given focus to what we need to do to grow Kanga Paws.


With regards to this website, some back end jiggery pokery was necessary to get it working how we wanted and we now think we have a site that’s right for us and right for our customers. We’ve taken advantage of some fantastic tech and some great apps which we hope to introduce you all to soon and the first is our Kanga Paws Flipboard magazine.

This beautifully visual app aggregates all the news stories and articles we find interesting and allows you to flick through on your phone, tablet or computer. It’s a wonderful coffee table mag for costumes, mascots and we hope it”l provide followers with a summary of where we are and what’s happening in the world of brand mascots and anything creative we think you’ll like.
Information, Advice and Guidance are three elements we’d like to focus on so as we build the site we hope to pass on our knowledge and experience and make Kanga Paws web a central hub for learning.
We hope you like it and please let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see or have any questions.