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We don’t do Newsletters.



Kanga Paws Magazine

Why don’t we do newsletters? Because never in the history of newsletter writing has one landed in our Inbox and we’ve thought “Awesome, I’m gonna read that!”. While we’re good at costumes, we’re probably not very good at newsletters but we do want to share the things excite and inspire us which is why we started our Flipboard magazine. Just like any other magazine you can browse at your leisure and when you’re done, Flip the bits you like into your own board and check back in when you like.
Okay, so we know there’s a Newsletter sign-up box in the site but in truth we’ll not be sending anything other than a bit of blurb about us and a link to Flipboard. We just don’t do newsletters.


The Replica Prop Forum

The Replica Prop Forum

We’re long term fans of the RPF, an extraordinary forum with near 20 years worth of knowledge and experience in costume and prop making, freely shared amongst its dedicated and passionate community. This is a great place to start if you’re interested in making your own costume or props or need inspiration.



Stan Winston Training


If there’s a fantasy character in a movie, chances are Stan Winston had a hand in its creation. Kanga Paws staff love the online training programmes that the school provides.




Oz Comicon

Annual gathering of cosplay, fantasy, sci-fi, gaming fans. Great fun, amazing dedication and commitment and some incredible costumes.


MANY 6160


Home to Kanga Paws production and Australia’s largest space activation and incubation project. An extraordinary collection of creatives, artisans and craftspeople all housed inside the massive shell of an abandoned department store in the heart of Fremantle.



Mascot and Branding News


The magazine for advertising and branding news and articles.


Australian Amusement, Leisure and Recreation Association

aalara logo

Australia’s national body for the amusement, leisure and recreation industry.