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How does it work?
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Character Sketch

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Your character comes first. It may be an established brand, an iconic character or a blank page waiting for inspiration, whatever stage you’re at we’re going to have to start with your visuals. It may be that you need help, you have ideas, you want a costume for a launch event, perhaps but you don’t know where to start. Being part of your design process is something we are able to offer, at whatever stage of development you’re at.

Next is going to come some decisions about use, functionality and practicality. A costume that’s going to run a marathon is likely to need a different approach to construction to one that’s going to tour shopping malls. All manner of considerations need to be made but our enquiry page has some information to help guide you. This is a pretty exciting phase, we start to imagine how your costume will look and feel in real life, materials you’ll be choosing, what motion or animation you might want and what other possibilities you might have available to enhance your event.

Once we’ve had your approval our work begins!

We think it’s important to keep you informed through
key stages of development so we’ll be sending you details
of our progress and giving you the opportunity to monitor
how things are going.

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Delivery and beyond!
We always like to know how it’s going. We think it’s really important to hear from you about your first impressions and the impact your costume is having;

Did you achieve your objectives?

How did the costume perform?

What did you learn from the process?

Would you do it all again?

Further down the line you may need ongoing advice and support. Some costumes can take up considerable space, get grubby and because it’s difficult to predict how people will react, the occasional mishap can mean a hasty repair is necessary.

We can also;
  • Store and maintain your costume over the longer term
  • Arrange shipping to events and even
  • Organise professional performers.