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How long does it take to make?

Again, this is dependent on a range of factors. What we will say is that we’ll always try to work within your project deadline and we can fast track a costume if you need it urgently. We do take pride in the quality of our costumes and nothing leaves the Kanga Paws production floor until we’re happy with it.

I have this wild idea…

Ha, we’ve heard that before! Honestly, you would not believe what we’ve been asked to do in the past. Some of our projects have been extraordinary with all manner of mechanics and in built animatronics. Over time we’ve found some remarkable people – experts in latex, robotics, augmented reality, app development, acrobats, contortionists, cosplay and recyclists*. The point is, we get really excited about the projects that land on us and everyone we work with feels the same so if you have an idea, don’t think it can happen, then talk to us, you might be surprised.

*someone who’s an expert in recycling stuff, we just didn’t know what to call them

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