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If you’ve never been in this position before it can be difficult to imagine how we get from paper sketches or visual animations to wearable costumes. If artwork or CAD drawings are available attaching them with an enquiry is a huge help but there is a surprising amount you can consider before we even talk.

Here are some key things that will help you before we get to discuss your project



What do you anticipate your costume is going to be used for – product launches? Trade fairs? Television? Is it going to need specialist considerations? We have a surprising number of costumes produced for marathon running where ventilation, mobility and lightness are significant factors.


Often costumes are used for brief campaigns, one off events and sometimes just seconds of exposure on television. At other times costumes might be exposed to multiple events, part of a sustained national campaign. This is going to impact upon our construction methods and choice of materials so it’s important to bear in mind.


You may have specific material you need to include or the functionality may dictate what’s available to you. If you have specific requirements it’s good for us to know from the outset.


What sort of mobility will your costume need? If your ten-legged octopus-monster needs independently, fully functioning arms, the ability to pick grip and move objects and squirt ink we’ll have a lot of planning to do. We may also need to understand how your performer operates and fits in to such a costume.

Some great characters can be difficult to translate into costume and may need animation but anything is possible.


What are your or your clients approval requirements likely to be? When discussing your deadline it’s really helpful for us to know how much involvement you wish to have in the manufacturing process.


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